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Changshu City Tongda Pencil Machinery Factory
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     Changshu Tongda Pencil machinery factory is located in beautiful Yangcheng Lake, is a company with forty years history of the old plant. Forty years is a Insist on, is a persistent, it is in itself means that in addition to the outside of another kind of success. Tongda has not in the course of development in the long Getting old and loss of morale, attempt nothing and accomplish nothing; never to vary from minute to minute and surging tide of the market access is not submerged;Had a moment to change "the user first, quality first" is the consistent adherence to the principle of operation. In short, mastery is a firm and indomitable, isConstantly refurbished, is constantly...... This may be accessible after forty years of groundless talk and not stand, and create a The fundamental reason of a glorious achievement.

     The development and change of forty years our pencils industry, can be used to describe the real turn the world upside down. In which access to have a A profound experience. We by the virgin at the beginning of the backward production technology to today’s force production technology introduced from leading international; by the time the humble Production equipment development today has all kinds of advanced, environmental protection equipment pencils; from the rule of the industrial management mode to the implementation of modern Scientific management system...... Access to forty years of innovation and development of the road is in fact our pencils industry forty years of development road of a shrinking Shadow. It also encourages mastery in order to perfect quality, quality service and is committed to create a first-class international brand on the road by oneself.Fly, stride forward singing militant songs! At present, access to large- scale professional production of various kinds of mechanical pencil, its products include eyebrow pencil series, wooden lead Pen series, paper holder pencil series, plastic pencil series four series.

    Wood series

    The factory production of wood series has the following models: roast the plate cylinder, xl-2001 router, xl-2002 rubber core machine, beam plate dryer xl-2006 Xl-2003 grinding machine, planer bar, xl-2004 horizontal sander, xl-2005 paint, xl-2014 paint, xl-2006 pumping machine Single-side cutting machine, xl-2007 double-sided printer, printer, xl-2012 xl-2013 surface skin head machine screw, xl-2008 skin head machine Xl-2009 series, cutting machine, xl-2010 ground top sharp grinding machine, heat transfer machine, xl-2011 dip head machine.

    The paper pole series

     From the first generation to tear open paper pencil out, pen hardness (easy cutting volume of) and firmness of the pen core (not to live, not The fault core) have been the pencil consumers are most concerned about, is also the domestic paper pencil research, development units need to conquer Problem, practice has proved, by the new automatic XL-2000 paper rod forming machine factory production, from the fundamental solution to these problems, and Convenient operation, high work efficiency, excellent product quality.  

      Plastic series

      The factory specializing in the production of plastic mechanical pencil: SBJ series plastic pencil complete sets of equipment, pen, pencil extruder extruder, color extrusion machine, granulator, core material drawing rod bracing granulator, crusher, a full set of production equipment.

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