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Import and export trend prediction pen products
Time:2013/2/1      View:397

1 pen products import and export rebounded quickly cause analysis

In 2008, the beginning of a rare international financial crisis and lasted a year and a half years that belongs to the export-oriented economy in China pens industry suffered great damage. In this financial crisis, the actual demand of hand pen products overseas market shows some decrease, and at the same time, influence of customers subject to financial and psychological pressure, take as much consumption market circulation in order to reduce the amount of the purchase, both of which should be undertaken by the production unit, which makes China pen products exports has significantly, this come unexpectedly attacks and a period of the production unit by the great difficulty ... ... With the warming of the global economy, the rapid rebound in the market demand, merchants hand in order to adapt to the rapid rise of changes in market demand, in addition to fill depleted market turnover, the combination of both the cargo to be rapid growth, thus a faction busy scene enterprises since the beginning of the year.

During the period of financial crisis, imports pen products were also reduced to a certain extent, this is mainly the importer clean turnover and reduce imports due to other reasons. However, on the domestic market stable, so imports during the first half of the rapid rise, the highest amount and over the calendar year the corresponding period value.

Import and export trend forecast 2 pen products

Pen products is the use of a wide range, high demand, consumption of consumer goods, and is required for specific groups of the majority of the. Under normal circumstances, the annual consumption of stationery pen has a certain balance also has the certain regularity, overall demand is relatively stable slightly increased, so, the overall demand fluctuation not every year is too big.

At present, pen products export in the financial storm recovery after recovery period, the goods to increase only change after a storm, and does not reflect the overall situation of export demand, because the goods to the present ( export ) contains the market demand and market circulation week added to the amount of. The present ( foreign ) market demand in the recovery picks up, has not yet reached a stable demand under normal conditions, namely into the ( foreign ) normal demand needed for some time; in addition, supplement market turnover is also a process of gradually balance. From the consumption characteristics of pen products and from the previous comparison, although China pen products exports in the first half of a rapid recovery situation, but in total exports and in RMB export value has not been restored to the level of the same period in 2008. Moreover, foreign market is still in recovery, circulation and turnover also should be added, so that the total export volume pen products will also increase, the more substantial growth will continue to the end of 2010, even in 2011, to the end of 2010, exports, China pen products export value will reach the overall level and is likely to exceed in 2008 and 2011, exports are likely to continue to rise.

The first half of the year, imports of pen products not only rise rapidly, and compared with the previous period appear a certain growth rate. Is expected to import quantity, the second half of the value of growth will be lower than in the first half. But because the output of our country some pen products increase significantly, so imports ink ink products and some pen products directly supporting the use of the still will continue to rise.

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